Spotlight on RISE Adaptive Sports Watersports        Click on text for Video

The Grapevine Edit on Instagram: "🌟✨ Non-Profit Spotlight: RISE Adaptive Sports ✨🌟 We are beyond thrilled to kick off our Non-Profit Spotlight series by featuring RISE Adaptive Sports! 🙌🏼💙 This incredible organization is making waves on Grapevine Lake all summer long, providing exhilarating water sports opportunities for individuals with physical challenges. 🌊🚤 Imagine jet skiing, boat rides, or a raft ride — RISE Adaptive Sports offers it all! 💦✨ Their mission is to make recreational sports accessible to everyone, and they do it with unwavering passion and dedication. What makes RISE even more extraordinary is that it is 100% free to participants, thanks to sponsors and their remarkable team of volunteers. These compassionate individuals are like angels, spreading joy and empowerment to every participant they serve. 😇❤️ During our visit, we witnessed firsthand the inspiring and emotional impact RISE has on its participants. It’s truly a sight to behold! 🌟⚡️ Here are just a few of the amazing activities they offer over the summer: 🚤 Boating 🔴 Tubing 🎿 Water Skiing 🪂 Parasailing 🏄 Wakesurfing 🎣 Fishing 🚣 Kayaking If you know someone who could benefit from what RISE Adaptive Sports does, we urge you to check them out. We’ve conveniently placed a link in our bio for easy access. 📲✉️ And if you have any questions about their programs or initiatives, feel free to message us. We’re here to help! 💬❓ Let’s come together to support RISE Adaptive Sports and help them continue creating a fun, safe, and inclusive environment where sports become a part of life again. 🤝💪 #NonProfitSpotlight #RISEAdaptiveSports #AccessibleSports #LakeGrapevine #InclusiveCommunity #texastodo #dfwtodo #dallastodo #fortworthtodo #grapevine #dallasmoms #fortworthmoms #exploredallas #dallastx #dfw #visittexas #thingstodoindalllas #dallasinfluencers #dfw #dfwinfluencers #grapevine"568 likes, 23 comments - thegrapevineedit on July 2, 2023: "🌟✨ Non-Profit Spotlight: RISE Adaptive Sports ✨🌟 We are beyond thrilled to kick off our..."