Is RISE an acronym?

It is! Recovery. Inspiration. Success. Empowerment.

When was RISE founded?

RISE was formed in late 2007 by Paul Gray.

What is RISE's nonprofit mission?

Our mission is to assist persons with physical challenges to Recover, Inspire, Succeed, and Empower themselves and others by providing inclusive, adaptive recreational sports programs.

How much does it cost to attend a RISE program?

Thanks to these sponsors' generous support, programs and events are FREE for participants and their families or friends.

C&R Medical Supplies
Classic Chevrolet

Who can attend a RISE program?

Kids and adults with a primary diagnosis of a physical disability. Individuals need to understand directions to comprehend the safety precautions and instructions for participating in recreational sports. Physical disabilities that RISE serves include:

How do I attend a program?

Where are RISE programs located?

How can I volunteer?

Our volunteer opportunities are highly sought after, making them extremely competitive. We are always looking for the right person to help with our programs. Requirements vary for each program. Please fill out our Volunteer application or Send an e-mail to Randy