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To assist persons with physical challenges to Recover, Inspire, Succeed, and Empower themselves and others by providing inclusive adaptive recreational sports programs.

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About 3 weeks ago, a very close neighbor asked me to assist with getting some kids off to John Marc Camp from Scottish Rite Hospital. I was more than happy to have helped and we had a great day of loading their luggage and them in the bus. I had such a great time, I asked him more about RISE Adventures. He suggested I go to one of their activities at Grapevine Lake and just see what I could do to help. When I got there, they were just setting up so I helped with moving the generator, ice chest, life vests, etc out where everyone could access them. The weather was very windy so I helped patch some holes in the roof of the tent. Not long after that, several people started showing up and I had no clue what to do. The RISE group very quickly took control and asked me to assist in getting guests into the boats, onto the Jet Skis, into the Tube rides, etc. Before I knew it, 3 hours had passed and I had a blast !! It was so much fun, I forgot why I was there. I was literally there enjoying them enjoying life ! Not greater feeling than to see a bunch of empty wheelchairs and everyone laughing, giggling and having a great time. I have been to two other events since, one was to assist with water skiing, which by the way is not something I’ve done in 20 years but everyone doing it made it look so easy ! Then on Sunday I help with a group of Hispanic families enjoy a great morning at Lake Grapevine. WOW !! I am not sure if they enjoyed it as much as me but if they did, then it was a great time had by everyone. I especially remember a little boy that I took Jet Skiing. He was laughing and hanging on has hard as he could. We would stop every so often to let him re-adjust to the Jet Ski, then take off again. He laughed and giggled the whole way. When we got back, he told his mom “That man went so fast!!”. That made me feel great because he wasn’t going that fast but the freedom he felt just being able to sail across the lake in a Jet-ski, made the day worth every minute.

Because of my introduction to RISE Adventures, and meeting great people like Paul, Mike, Bill and Don, I decided to take the Boaters safety course online to add additional value to the organization and passed. I hope that I can become a valued and productive member of the RISE family going forward. I have really found a great organization that provides a great opportunity for the community.

RISE is a great organization and the people that run it are truly special people to give their lives to ensure each and every person can experience recreational activities we take for granted.

Calvin Petty

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