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Our Mission

To assist persons with physical challenges to Recover, Inspire, Succeed, and Empower themselves and others by providing inclusive adaptive recreational sports programs.

Sit Volleyball

About Sit Volleyball
Sitting volleyball is team sport that can be played by all individuals and skill levels. In fact, by eliminating jumping, which can be adversely affected by disability or age, sitting volleyball puts all players on an equal playing field and brings disabled and able bodied individuals together to play an enjoyable sport without limiting anyone’s abilities.

The guidelines are intended to educate and empower coaches in schools on how to start integrated programs that allow youth with physical disabilities to play competitive sitting volleyball in the school environment. If numbers grow, the integrated team may develop into an adapted team. Athletes who may play are included in the glossary. The goal is to develop fair competitive sports opportunities in schools so that youth with disabilities can play.

The sport of sitting volleyball allows a diverse group of athletes to play. For the purpose of development, the teams will be mixed gender until there are enough athletes to have female and male teams.

Program Contact
Email or call our office (469) 762-5075.

Reservations are made online or by calling our office. Reservations are required 48 hours prior to a program start time. Making online reservations just got easier! The RISE Calendar has been updated, click on the program/date, click the reservation link. All RISE programs are 100% supported by volunteers. Reservations are required to know how much help and equipment is needed for that program date. Thanks in advance for helping RISE operate all of our programs at the highest level possible!

All participants must be registered as a TEAM RISE member. All family/friends must be registered as a TEAM RISE volunteer. RISE can only accommodate those who have registered (including friends and family) and made reservations.

When and Where:
Please visit our Calendar for a complete listing of all program dates.
Georgia Farrow Recreation Center, 530 Davis Dr, Irving, TX 75061