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To assist persons with physical challenges to Recover, Inspire, Succeed, and Empower themselves and others by providing inclusive adaptive recreational sports programs.


Group of female handcyclers

About Handcycling
Handcycling began in the 1980s as a recreational sport. Early equipment was hard to find, clunky, and expensive. The leap from “leg only” powered to “arm powered” was made by cyclists from within the ranks of the human powered vehicle movement. Ironically, the original handcycle was not intended for someone with a disability. Nonetheless, the development made it possible for individuals of all abilities to experience the joy of cycling.

Today, handcycles reap the benefits of both the modern cycling industry and cutting-edge wheelchair technology, including light weight components, high pressure tires, wide-range gearing systems, hi-tech. seating systems, hydration systems, and ingenious steering systems for optimal handling.

Handcycling was approved as part of the IPC Cycling Program in 1998 and was included at the World Cycling Championships for the Disabled that same year. In 2004, the IPC included a race for handcycles (men only) at the Paralympic Games in Athens Greece for the first time. Although handcycle racing is still relatively new, it has become very popular worldwide and athletes in the U.S., Europe, and Australia compete in respective national race series.

Although handcycling is popular with the racing crowd, most handcycles are purchased by recreational athletes. In contrast to racing wheelchairs, handcycles are easily adjusted, simple to operate, and very easy to transfer in and out of. As a result, thousands of people with and without disabilities are handcycling to improve cardiovascular and aerobic health, increase upper body strength, ride with friends and family, and improve overall fitness.

Program Introduction
Handcycling is a great way to stay physically active and thus more healthy. You can pick where you ride and as you progress your speed and distance will increase. Handcycling works your upper body while keeping your heart rate up. It’s a fun work-out because you’re outside enjoying the beautiful Texas weather alongside family and friends. Campion Trails is a great place to start! The paths are wide and traffic is low. The paths offer many scenic resting areas next to running water and beautiful trees.

If you’re looking for something to keep you in shape and build endurance while you participate in other RISE programs, our handcycling program is definitely the place you need to be!

Program Contact
Email or call our office (469) 762-5075.

Reservations are made online or by calling our office. Reservations are required 48 hours prior to a program start time. Making online reservations just got easier! The RISE Calendar has been updated, click on the program/date, click the reservation link. All RISE programs are 100% supported by volunteers. Reservations are required to know how much help and equipment is needed for that program date. Thanks in advance for helping RISE operate all of our programs at the highest level possible!

All participants must be registered as a TEAM RISE member. All family/friends must be registered as a TEAM RISE volunteer. RISE can only accommodate those who have registered (including friends and family) and made reservations.

To register please visit this page.

To make program reservations please visit this page.

When & Where
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Meadowmere Park, 3000 Meadowmere Lane, Grapevine, TX 76092