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2017 WCMX World Championship

See nonstop start to finish action for FREE via the RISE Website! April 22-23, 2017!




RISE Adaptive Sports is teaming up once again with Action Park Alliance to host the:

WCMX World Championship 2017

This two-day event features WCMX Competitors from around the World competing for cash, prizes, and the WCMX World Championship 2017 Title.

The event also features an Adaptive Skate Competition Division.

Anyone can learn how to WCMX in the Beginners Clinic.

Beginners, Intermediate, Women’s & WCMX Professional Divisions.

Thursday & Friday – April 20 – 21, 2017

Open Practice all participants and competitors:
Official Competition Park and Secondary Park

Saturday – April 22, 2017

 Beginners WCMX Clinic hosted by WCMX Professionals from around the world.

The clinic is free for anyone with a physical disability that participates in there on wheelchair. Instructions by the best WMCX Professional Riders in the World! Participants will test their skills on our Pro ramp course. Each participant will be assigned 1-2 volunteers who will assist, spot and encourage riders and skaters. If riders are unable to push their own wheelchairs, volunteers will navigate them through the course. All safety pads and helmets will be provided by RISE Adaptive Sports.

Practice: Beginner Division, Intermediate Division, Women’s Division, Pro Division, Adaptive Skate
Qualifying: Beginner Division, Intermediate Division, Women’s Division, Pro Division, Adaptive Skate

Sunday – April 23, 2017

Best Trick Competition in WCMX and Adaptive Skate
Warm Up and Finals in all four divisions.
Award Ceremony.


WCMX Foundation – Rules for Competition
2017 WCMX World Championship, April 22-23, 2017

In an effort to establish international rules for competition, the WCMX Foundation presents this to standardize goals. The number one priority of the WCMX Foundation is to be all inclusive to every level of physical disability, even in competitions. These rules are set as a starting point but will be evaluated through the process of time.

WCMX serves both kids and adults with a primary diagnosis of a physical disability. WCMX is a wheelchair sport. Individuals need to be able to understand directions in order to comprehend the safety precautions and instructions that come with participating in sports. Individuals with secondary disabilities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Physical disabilities that WCMX serves include: Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Amputee, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Neuromuscular Disease, Deaf/Hearing Impaired, Blind/Vision Impaired, Ambulatory, and all other physical disabilities.

NOTE: One Rule Change for 2017: The Timing Clock will stop for 10 Seconds to allow a rider transfer to the top of the Large Jump Ramp, Maximum 3 times per run!


Time Allotment – A time clock will start and end your run and will be visible to the entire area.

1 – Beginner Division – anyone that can compete in a wheelchair. Safety: All competitors are required to wear a helmet, elbow, and knee pads.
2 – Intermediate Division – advanced level of abilities in a wheelchair. Safety: All Competitors are required to wear a helmet.
3 – Professional Division – Professional track record of high level abilities in a wheelchair. Safety: All Competitors are required to wear a helmet.

Please note the event organizers reserve the right to move any competitor up in class if our judges see fit. We encourage everyone to challenge yourself and rise in a more difficult class. We do not encourage you to compete in an easier class just to win.

Judges: There will be three judges overseeing each competition. Ten points will be awarded for each of the following criteria, with a maximum total of 30 points:

– Tricks: Well executed, clearly identifiable, landed, number of tricks.
– Difficulty: Level of difficulty of tricks, variety.
– Originality & Flow: Has rider used all areas of the course? Do the tricks/line flow well together?
– Time Allotment: Deductions for not completing full time segment.

NOTE: Professional Division – No personal assistance allowed helping perform a trick in any capacity. Not applicable to lower classifications.

Each Rider is given 2 x 1 minute runs and the highest scoring run wins. This division is for those just getting started without age restrictions. Typically, riders would be doing basic tricks on ramps and more difficult tricks with limitations.

Each Rider is given 2 x 1 minute runs and the highest scoring run wins. The top three places in this category can be nominated to compete in the Professional Division.

Each Rider is given 2 x 2 minute runs and the highest scoring run counts for your Qualifying position. The top Qualifiers then go into a Final, where they are given an additional 2 x 2 minute runs. The higher of these 2 runs counts for your final position.

There will be 4 riders at a time for 10 minutes’ top 2 go to the final. Finals, 4 riders will be 15 minutes.


– Prize Money for each Division predetermined at discrepancy of Event Organizer.
– Trophies will be awarded for all three competitions placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

WCMX RULES OVERVIEW, Competition Class & Judging Requirements

The WCMX is a new sport and we believe it will still be evolving for a while and it will be the same with the rules.
Nowadays WCMX is the Para-sport more radical in the world, so we agree with you to establish levels:
Professional, Intermediate and beginner.

We also agree that because it is a new sport and there are still few riders, everyone should be classified due to their
competence and not because of disability.

The goal of the WCMX World Championship is to gather worldwide athletes in order to show new tricks, styles and
extreme limits to the WCMX sport.

To rank the athletes in their categories, we suggest the imposition of compulsory tricks and obstacles.

Level Test

It is mandatory to the athlete to perform maneuvers/tricks and ride obstacles showing his abilities to be:


The athlete must execute tricks at areas:

– Big Ramp: Execute the main ramp

– Ground: With only 2 wheels, do a 360°
– Stairs: Go downs the stairs forward and backwards, or something more extreme
– Rail: Ride the rail/handrail
– Jump: Big Step

Wheelchair Control
– Maintain control throughout the trick.

– We know most of the guys who are able to land these kinds of tricks. Don’t make them show their best tricks
before the competition starts! If there is one, we don’t know landed one of these tricks it could be possible to let him

The athlete must complete 100% of the required tricks and obstacles. The athlete must complete the ride without
any help.


The athlete must execute tricks at areas:

– Rad tricks in other areas of the skate park.
– Ground: With only 2 wheels, do a 360° or go forward and backward
– Transverse stairs and other Obstacles

Wheelchair Control

• Maintain control throughout the trick.

The athlete can try to complete the Pro requirement but if he completes just part of the required tricks and
obstacles he is automatically in the Intermediate Level. If the athlete completes the ride with any help he is
automatically in the Intermediate Level.


Wheelchair Control
• Maintain control throughout the trick.

If the athlete cannot perform all the required tricks and obstacles, this athlete automatically goes to the beginner

In such cases, it should be offered practical training workshop to teach the athletes to get better trunk control and to
improve freedom to perform better tricks and also to overcome obstacles.
As the first edition of the World Championship was hosted at Alliance Skate Park Grand Prairie in Texas, the degree
of difficulty of the tricks it should be classified and established by there. Even more because in the Alliance Skate
park there are all kind of ramps for the athletes to execute the requirements for all levels:

– Aerial: big ramp
– Street: stairs, rail and solo tricks
– Extreme: big ramp, mini ralph and different ramps that the athletes can execute tricks like backflip, hand plant,
Front flip, Double Backflip, Fake 360 flip, Forward flip and others Extreme Tricks



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Hilton Garden Inn – DFW Airport South

$111.99 per night includes breakfast for 4 per room per night
Block of rooms available the nights of 4/19-4/23
Block Name: RISE 4
Call 972-313-2800 for reservations
Reservations must be made prior to 3/20/2017 to guarantee discount rate.

Guests can either call the hotel directly before the release date of 3/20/2017 to make their reservations at 972-313-2800 (they will just make the reservation with the person that answers the phone at the hotel – that goes directly to our front desk) or they can book online if preferred.

Online reservations if preferred:
Go to
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Enter number of rooms/people
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The Hilton Garden Inn provides free transportation to and from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport ONLY. From the airport to hotel is approximately 10 minutes.

For those of you that are flying in, the shuttle instructions are as follows:

1 – Upon Arrival at the airport and you have collected your luggage, please call the hotel direct at (972) 313-2800.
2 – Once connected to the hotel provide your gate and terminal (i.e. E – 39)
3 – Once you have provided your gate and terminal you will need to proceed to the lower level and look for a grey sign that reads “Courtesy van pick up” and look for a white shuttle van that has the Hilton GardenInn DFW Airport South logo.

 Please be sure to get on the right van. There are other Hilton Garden Inns around the airport and we want to make sure that you don’t accidentally get on the wrong van.


RISE Adaptive Sports Shuttle Bus provides daily service to and from the Hilton Garden Inn/Official Event Hotel to Alliance Skate Park ONLY. This Free Service is provided for participants and family members.

NOTE: This service is not available for airport or other hotel locations.


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